The blockchain platform for video games streaming

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The blockchain platform

Gaming Go Project is a revolutionary platform for everyone who loves video games and watch the world's biggest competitions in this field. Since the Gaming Go Project platform is based on the blockchain system, users will have ample opportunities to manage the site's activities and will be able to monetize their content in a variety of ways.

We plan to create a solution that will suit all participants in the video game streaming market - streamers themselves, gamers, as well as other fans of e-sports. To do this, the Gaming Go Project platform will use the advantages of blockchain technology, such as availability, transparency and speed.

All financial transactions (for example, payment for access to broadcasts or donations for streamers) will be made using the Gaming Go Project cryptocurrency. Gaming Go Project can be exchanged for fiat and all kinds of cryptocurrencies.

Each user of the Gaming Go Project platform will be able to independently create video content and sell it to other participants of the site. Thus, everyone who will work with the Gaming Go Project platform will be able not only to enjoy viewing the broadcasts, but also to monetize their time and skills.

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Economic model
this solution allows avoiding all restrictions imposed by using fiat currency, and attract more people to the world of e-sports
Mining algorithm
combination of masternodes and the Proof-of-Stake algorithm is used, giving miners a guarantee of a stable income
Creating content
authoritative streamers will be able to earn money here, also those who are just trying their hand in this area
Lack of advertising
the user will be able to watch only the ads he wants, or completely disable advertising
User attention
provides an opportunity to pay a streamer for the fact that he will say a congratulation or another speech specifically for a particular viewer


Hash aglo:X11
Maturity:101 blocks
Rewards:MN - 75%
Block Time:60 seconds
Min Staking Age:3 hours
MN required coins:4000
Premine:360 000
Total Supply:101 000 000


Block height Reward
1 - 17234 1
17235 - 177897 38
>177898 22


  1. Definition of the blockchain functionality

    Blockchain development

    Marketing research of market needs

  2. The development of a system for creating content by users

    Creation of a strimming core

  3. Trial broadcast of a major e-sports match

    Attracting top streamers from around the world

    Cooperation with the best streamers of the market

  4. Improvement of the technical part of the platform

    Launch of the betting system

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